A short note on our data practices.

In plain English, OrdrUs uses the minimum of personal information required to complete your order with a restaurant. This is the same information you input to complete the order. For example, your name, telephone number and the list of items which make up your order.

OrdrUs does not have or make use of any form of tracking or ancillary data collection. We do not sell or otherwise make available the limited data we do collect - to any 3rd party, including the restaurants. We also do not make use of this data for our own purpose of marketing to or otherwise contacting an individual.

The restaurants you order from receive duplicates of the orders you place. These are provided for the restaurants own book-keeping measures. Restaurants may freely view or collect the information you make public to them through an order though OrdrUs does not provide them with a facility for doing so.

In addition to your order information, OrdrUs uses a typical browser "cookie" to maintain the contact details you set within the app so that you do not have to enter this information every time you use the service.

All order data is stored securely in our encrypted database. If you have any questions about or resulting from this privacy policy, please contact us at